a kiwi

(the legendary green album)


Passion Fruit

till the daylight's wiped away
and the sky-line starts to shade
into smoke circles
say you will never fade so
stay in this room forever
swear that we'll sink together

till my pulse is steady again
till the breakfast's ready
play my private hide and seek
I'll pray that you never find me
this is my secret mansion
dare you see my psychic dungeons

this is why I turned on my radio
not to let the neighbours hear the screams
and I noticed the beer can inflate
the candle melt to human shapes
but I know things are not always what they seem
and it strongly depends
strongly depends on how you feel
this is why I turned on my radio
hoping I could hear your apologies
but you were not in radio waves
as you're not in the infrared
and I found I never listen when you speak
it only helps me
it only helps me not to feel too weak

this Tasteful Hot and Colourful divinity she lays me down
tells of a magic well
beyond the quicksand of my swampy ground
but I've never found so far
but I've never found so far

till the clouds are swept away
and the tide is low again
and the sky opens
let's lay under these covers
breathe the air is getting sultry
seed me with your wicked poetry
wait I will draw the curtains
hey won't you try my corn flakes

this is why I started developing special skills
such as trying to hear your voice in a hairdryer
or in a washing machine
but the noise was
the background noise was a bit too loud

you don't have to worry about
the dress I torn we'll work it out
just start to clean the ashes from the floor
we can always hide'em
we can always hide'em in a crack in the wall

this gorgeous grass extending from the fireplace
to the bottom of my feet
offers bits of freshness to the restless fever of my sleep
but I've never gone so deep
no I've never gone so deep

I was standing in the kitchen naked
fighting with a microwaved egg
when I first noticed the gold scarab on the floor
and I dived into the tangerine
but I hit against the trampoline
and at last I saw my true face in the ice wall
and I saw

I'm no intellectual
I'm no natural born actor
I'm no artist I'm no leftist
I'm no activist
I'm just an asshole