a kiwi

(the legendary green album)


An English Weekend

funny that I'm sitting in your room
with no-one else but me while you
prepare a cup of English tea
for me after I took my
shoes off not to wet the floor and
put my favourite CD on and
carefully fold the precious map that
led me to your door while you say

"are you sure of what you say
don't you regret your coming here?
do you agree or are you just resigned
that things must go like this?"
because I thought I had to say
what I believed you had in mind
but even if I feel the same
it's different now to hear it say

I don't care about the city hall
with all the snow that's going to fall
we'd rather stay let's see your
photographs of Italy but
please don't stare at me like that
for I would take your hand and then who knows
but look it's getting late
it's time to catch my train

she's standing on the platform though
she doesn't want to say a word
but I figure from her eyes what hides behind it
loudspeakers toll the final call
then I switch off my self-control
and suddenly all our resistance crumbles
it's so desperate and sweet
yes she's so desperate and sweet

things turn up as I hadn't planned
but I should have known this from the start
then why did it take so much before I kissed her?
and I'm thinking while the train goes fast
it's such a fun that I'm grown up
cause at last I can enjoy being superficial
but I thought it wouldn't hurt
yes I was sure it wouldn't hurt