a kiwi

(the legendary green album)


Lime Tea Box

cloudy eyes
and foggy thoughts
one night we saw the lightning
but we didn't hear the storm
and in your secret garden
then I saw the tide rise high
I shouldn't have sheltered
in your wuthering eyes

windy curls
and amber skin
you murdered me so gently
that I couldn't scream
but when I saw the blood spurt out
you were out of reach
and to remove the stains I used
your sister's bleach

miss Summer kisses
and winter sports
in your Barbie's house
I ain't gonna fit no more
your golden cage's so comfortable
that you needn't dream
so after trying a few times
I threw away the key

oh muddy hands
and immaculate soul
I was so proud of my lead oxide
you showed me fields of corn
now that the autumn chilly winds
are taking us apart
I know I shouldn't have tried
to learn the way by heart

and if you want to know me
then you've got to learn
for my passion's silent
and my warmth is cold
I may be undecided
but my will is strong
and my fight is still
but I don't miss the point

and if you want to touch me
first you've got to reach me
and if you want to bind me
first you've got to find me
cause I'm a selfish fellow
but of the sweetest kind
and if I say I will
I might even fall
but you can never tell

sweet purple bloom
and sharpened thorn
seems you're able to live in peace
only while you're at war
you said your fire arms
would keep me safe and warm
now that you disarmed me
I don't feel weak no more

and even though I reassured you
that I haven't wasted time
and your moves are all recorded here
and all your words are filed
if your concern is that the time you gave me
is likely to get lost
your photos are all kept secure here
in your lime tea box