a kiwi

(the legendary green album)


EU-topia (this game was very popular among young earthlings)

a splatter pac-man
you make your way in a deadly maze
gotta squeeze the filthy dots
beat all the streets for enemies

you'd better keep your eyes skinned
be ready to die hard
never forget to check at your back
they might be lurking anywhere

you can tell them by the way they think
you can tell them by the way they move
you score easy point if you sweep away
everyone who doesn't look like you

you will know them by their accent
by the different colour of their skin
if their grin is not sufficient
you can tell them by the stink

2: bricks and barbed wire
to build the highest wall you can
set your territory border lines
don't let anybody trespass

young people of Eu-rope unite
you've got Benetton and Coca Light
stop this tug of war, break off the fight
before it gets too late and this rope's too tight

level 3:
you'll reinforce your power now
and if you're nifty enough
start to exploit the world around

you lay down the rules you gain control
you buy the media you bribe the law
you raise the rates and sponsor wars
to keep social order you hire death squads

once you're on top of it
get rid of those who've dropped behind
your mates may be plotting against you
it's time not to trust anyone

you've got acid spoils and toxic wastes
anti-men mines and nuclear tests
you poison the water and choke the soil
irreversible disaster brings extra bonus

hold your breath and clench your fists
against those lousy greens and pacifists
and when no-one else is left alive
it's clear it's you who won hands down

people of Eu-rope unite
you've got World Wide Web and Champion's Cup
roll your sleeves and stop the ball
before they find you hanging from your own wall

young people of Eu-rope unite
you've got Inter Rail and Satellite TV
hold tight around the twelve star flag
one small mistake and you all blow up

game over