a kiwi

(the legendary green album)



having been awake for all the time
I'd heard the clock beats one by one
while I kept thinking back over my plan
the hut where she was said to live
in bonfire tales that gave me creeps
was shrouded in the mist beyond the lighthouse head

so when I finally was sure
that my parents couldn't hear
I stole the keys behind the kitchen door
and sneaked out of the sill
and though the wood was very dark
I knew I'd find the way by heart
with just a torch and a few stones
to scare stray dogs away
but I met none

I saw the hedge and bravely
I climbed a tree and suddenly
her silhouette appeared behind the door
she laughed at my direction
I thought her intentions might not be hostile
and when she smiled I hardly fainted to the floor
oh no she's calling me in

I held my breath I jumped the fence
and in one minute we were friends
she showed me how she talked to trees
and lived without a TV set
we played guitar we drank her wine
I taught her constellation signs
and every night again till I had to hurry back at daybreak
until one night she said

we'll be close even when you've gone so far away
that you may fear you've lost your way
I'll be there whenever you need a friend or a thread
but please don't come at full moon
for I'll be gone then

the moon light spread around the wood
breaking through the deepest blue
the dance of shades among the trees bewildered me
the door was left ajar
there was a dim light but no sign of life inside
when in the silver branches I swear I saw something glittering

I took the long way to the beach
I ran all out I cried I gasped I screamed
but werewolves don't exist for real, do they?

now I'm walking on the seashore while
the kids are sleeping with my wife
who sometimes wonders why I need
to take a walk outside at full moon
stars have never changed since then
but I doubt I've ever been that daring
'cause there's a time when you can't tell
the facts from what you simply dreamt
that's it

sitting on a musky rock
I watch the sea waves howl and froth
the salty whirlwinds dance into my lungs and I am born again
and there's one thing I've never asked
but now it all makes perfect sense to me
as all the things she said that night come to my mind again

we'll be close even when you've got lost
sometimes you'll feel me burning under your skin
'cause time is like a leaking tap
slowly drips every single thing we love
and we all need a little secret to live with