a kiwi

(the legendary green album)



I like when you're so smooth
you'd make me do most anything (if you only would)
no need to ask me twice to have things done
but it doesn't do to make you wait, so why stay?
I love to feel this mood
ain't done yet what I thought I would
you give advice but moments are so difficult to seize
it'd catch my eye, so I'd rather walk and not notice

oh no being so close
it doesn't mean a thing.
why then get acquainted?
let's just be neighbours!

I love to feel this dizzy
it helps to see the whole thing from up here
(it takes a lifetime)
don't give a second thought to what you left back
(I might be dead now)
it's I dropped the bomb if I had any
strange sensation!
I thought I'd know the cure but I can't think of it now

oh no tell me why me
when I thought I was immune
why not try to deal
about a safety distance?

oh no I'm so weary
I can't rest anymore
I'd rather come to blows now
than this nothing!

oh no thought I'd made it
it was so bloody clear
I was ready for an earthquake
not for this nothing, nothing, nothing