a kiwi

(the legendary green album)


The Girl Behind You

when the fairies of the courtyards
unexpectedly show up
and the secrets in the fireplace
inexplicably erupt
when the giants in the gardens
stretch out their arms and stoop
to lift you up onto their top
when the mermaids sing a new song
and you're not afraid to listen
turn and tell the girl behind you

when the marmalade skies become blue
and photogenic clouds appear
all the colours of the meadows
of the corn fields
you owe them to the girl behind you

here it comes
you can feel it by the roll of drums
but first row tickets are sold out
you've got no choice but leave the crowd
meditation refreshes like a shower
on your orchard of words
inspiration rewards who grows his flowers
if you keep raking about
at the end you'll find out that

when your heart is in the spotlight
and you're sweating for the heat
all the rumours in the backstage
all the shivers down your spine
are coming from the girl behind you

when kaleidoscopes start spinning
and your history's tape rewinds
at the speed of light then
at the tie-break of your mind games
at the showdown
give up to the girl behind you
give up to the girl behind you