a kiwi

(the legendary green album)



I am the liquorice stick inside the ice cube
I am the dinosaur bone in the fish soup
I am the artichoke flower in the hothouse
I am the space shuttle resting at the terminus

I am the octopus
I am the heart virus

I am the psychedelic suitcase in the wardrobe
I am the paintbrush colouring by rainbows
I am the phosphorescent kite caught in a cobweb
I am the dolphin swimming in the bathtub

I am the Avalon
I am the Babylon
the mystical soup
the infinite spoon

you don't need no formal invitation
you're supplied automatic registration
you'll improve your personal relations
guaranteed no sexual implications
sublimate your deepest aspirations
free your mind from your fathers' superstitions
I will bring you there where nobody's ever dared
you can count on my discretion set aside your inhibitions

I'm the pan flute
I am the temps perdu
I am the deja vu
I am the haiku

I am the net of the butterfly chaser
the holy water of the holy drinker
I am the parachute
I'm the disposable truth

listen you brother listen you sister
I've got a message I don't want you to miss it
cos there's loads of promotion they will promise you emotions
but no-one's gonna give such a thrill as this
you never gonna get a thrill as cheap as this

I am the lifeboat I am the dreamcoat
I'm the inflatable ferry to the limbo
I am the cork opener I am the intimate explorer
I'm the invisible lever for the double floor
I am the freezer I am the brain-squeezer
I am the strings of your private puppet theatre
I'm the heart heater I am the soul feeder
your only bosom friend who will keep your secret

I am the ocean
the magic potion
I am the solution
and I already dwell inside you